We deliver brilliant and transformative digital strategies for the third and public sector organisations. We have developed a strategic framework based on our work across a diverse range of organisations. It enables us to deliver not only the right strategy but also enable clear decisions around budget, resource, culture and structure.

MC2 digital strategy model

Our framework is based on some key principles:


Don’t assume. To get the right solution you must really understand the problem. We listen carefully to you and your audiences to understand the problems you are trying to solve. We also look more broadly at the environment that you and they operate in. We then look for the ‘sweet spot’ between what you both want to achieve.

Test and learn

Test and learn – Once you really understand the problem you can then develop a framework that will allow you to work towards developing solutions. The clearer the goal the faster you will be able to develop iteratively towards it.

Digital programme roadmap

We  create strategies that you can deliver in the real world and ensure that your Senior Leadership Team can make clear, informed choices by delivering a costed, resourced roadmap of projects.

People and processes

No strategy, no matter how brilliant, can work if the people and processes required to implement it and keep it on track are not in place. This is a key factor in why so much strategy work fails to become a reality. We have developed a process that enables the organisation to make clear decisions on the skills and resource it will need.

Measure and optimise

We have developed a series of processes which focus on ensuring your digital programme is measured and optimised as it is delivered. This helps the organisation to learn what gains the best results and how to deliver the most effective work. It also ensures that under
under-performing websites are not left languishing in dusty – yet costly – corners of the internet.

Tailored to you

All organisations are different and the challenges they face and environment they operate in change dramatically. This is not a strategy sausage factory, where all the results look the same. This is a set of principles and techniques honed over years of experience that we can select from to deliver solutions that work for individual organisations.