The world is changing – it is no longer enough to do digital now you have to be digital.   We help organisations make that change. We combine a deep knowledge of digital, third sector and user experience to help organisations develop digital that delivers.

Fast is better than slow
In a digital world, big is not better than small, but fast is better than slow. We help charities transform by applying the techniques used in digital-era companies to enable their mission.

We don’t sell widgets
Charities don’t sell books or groceries, they work on complex issues, and that means that the ‘conversion’ isn’t always obvious. For digital to work, we need to fuse the very best of what charities do with the speed and product development techniques that digital organisations have pioneered.

Digital must deliver
A user whose needs are not immediately can easily find an alternative solution online within seconds. If we want to engage them, it is not enough to be big, or to be doing good work: we must be relevant, responsive, and deliver real value.

Experienced, evidenced-based, expert
We are a small group of industry experienced experts who have worked across the sector helping organisations use digital to transform their work. We don’t leave you with a beautiful but undeliverable strategy: we deliver solutions that are practical, evidence-based, and have measurable results.

If you’d like to talk through some of the challenges you are facing or find out more about the work we do, then contact us at  or call 07813 184578.

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Ali McCormackI founded We Are MC2 in 2011, with the firm belief the third sector was about to experience a major transformation driven by digital.  I strongly believed that what the sector needed was experienced, strategic thinkers and doers to help in-house teams deliver major strategic programmes.

Over a decade’s experience as Head of Digital told me that far too many strategy documents sit on shelves and once the agency has left the room the teams are left without the resources or processes that will enable them to implement the strategy. So I started what I hoped would be the consultancy I wanted to work with when I was at Age UK. One that had strong thinkers and do-ers who would work alongside me collaboratively and openly and whose focus would be on the work and not always on the bottom line.

That’s one of the ways we are different.  We are not a big agency or a global consultancy, but a group of senior experts who have all cut our teeth working within the sector.  The specific issues facing charities and digital teams within them are well known to us and we design solutions that will resolve them.

I’ve also worked with far too many agencies where you get to see the A Team at the pitch and then they disappear, leaving you with over-priced juniors.  We are a small team of specialists and it will be us in your offices with our sleeves rolled-up.

All great digital work is collaborative.  With our projects there is no ‘smoke and mirrors’, we work together and share our work every step of the way.

I am a passionate believer that digital is transforming how we help people and deliver social change and leaving a fitter, stronger, more focussed set of organisations in its wake.   I’m very proud that we have worked with some of the leading names in the sector on major digital projects.