We are delighted to be working with the MS Society as they drive forward their digital transformation strategy.   We Are MC2 are delivering product ownership, digital marketing planning and user research to support the launch of the organisation’s new digital platform.

This is a really exciting project to be a part of as the organisation delivers one of the cornerstones of its future development.  We are particularly glad to be engaged in working with the Executive Group, who are already strong advocates for the use of digital as a driver of transformational change, as we move on from launch to determine the next phases of that roadmap.   We are also really enjoying being embedded with the digital team as we work together to deliver the new website, built on Sitecore, which will deliver a major shift in terms of potential sophistication, which we will, together, build on in phase 2.

Paul Amadi, Executive Director of Engagement and Fundraising, said “Quite simply, the team at We Are MC2 have provided exceptional input into our digital transformation journey. They’ve challenged us, encouraged us to really stretch our thinking but also provided common sense and practical solutions to the raft of issues we are resolving. We are delighted to have them as true strategic partners in our journey and only see our partnership sustaining and growing”

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