Confidence Tricks… or how user experience can build confidence in your charity

Charities trade on their reputations and we ask people to trust us with their money, their time, or their concerns. For them to feel secure in doing that we must build confidence in every way that we can. Our User Experience Architect, Kate Roberts, gives her top ten tips for building trust in your digital.  35% […]

It’s not (all) about the money, money, money…. What does conversion mean for non-profits?

How do you measure the impact of digital information on user behaviour? Evaluating how digital adds to charitable aims is more complex than conversion tracking. Kate Roberts says the trick is getting creative not reductive. Every organisation has goals for its website, but some are more easily measurable than others. For most businesses, important website […]

The Age of User Experience

The Age of User Experience  (Or why I think being user-centric saw Age UK come top in the Third Sector Web Check) My new life as a consultant has seen me wandering around talking to many folks who work in charities – large and small.  Quite a few have asked me why I think that […]