Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Logos

Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer choose We Are MC2 to deliver merger digital strategy

Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer have merged to become the UK’s leading breast cancer charity and we are delightedto be working with them to deliver the digital strategy for the new organisation. It’s an exciting win for We Are MC2 as the new organisation has a huge ambition that will make a real […]

Mickey Mouse IWatch

Watch out!

The Apple iWatch is a thing of beauty and paves the way for their their move into the health and fitness market. But, says Alison, the use that Apple can make of the data it collects should be of great concern to the UK’s third sector. I love a bit of self-tracking, and virtually every […]

Build Lego, not Airfix – defining digital transformation

Digital transformation is a hot topic, with many of the largest charities announcing major projects. In the first of a series of blogs on the subject, Alison takes a look at the various meanings of transformation and argues that the key is not to deliver a programme of change but to build a culture that […]

Confidence Tricks… or how user experience can build confidence in your charity

Charities trade on their reputations and we ask people to trust us with their money, their time, or their concerns. For them to feel secure in doing that we must build confidence in every way that we can. Our User Experience Architect, Kate Roberts, gives her top ten tips for building trust in your digital.  35% […]

Holding out for a hero (or how to recruit a digital content lead)…

I’ve been helping one of our clients to hire a content person recently and the process surfaced some interesting and familiar questions. They go something like this … What to call the job? Content manager or digital editor? Is it someone to upload and publish you need, or a buck-stops-here strategic planner? How to pitch […]

Evolution or extinction: Or how not to be a digital dodo!

Digital is evolving and the rate of change is accelerating. We must evolve with it or become digital dinosaurs awaiting our own extinction… It’s now almost three years since I left Age UK, and We Are MC2 – a concept I had mulled for a while – sprang into life. My baby is now a […]

The good, the bad and the agency

“You’ve got about two years,” said a wise  head of digital, when talking about how long you could sustain an agency relationship at a high-level of creativity and delivery.  After that aligning your joint goals, changing personnel and financial pressures may all start to drag your once perfect marriage down. As clients, we tend to […]

Rattling The Online Tin

Last night’s meeting of the charity digital leads was one that really got my brain turning and even as I sat down to blog, I think I may still have more questions than answers (but that would be the sign of a good debate). The topic for the evening was the thorny old subject of […]

The Children’s Society Delivers Social Media Strategy With We Are MC2

Looking to develop their existing social media presence, The Children’s Society has commissioned a   social media strategy from We Are MC2, the new digital consultancy set up by former Age UK Digital Lead Alison McCormack. Emma Callagher, Digital Marketing Manager at The Children’s Society, said “We’re really excited to be working with We Are MC2 […]

How digitally literate is your charity?

Last night’s meeting of the digital leads of the UK’s major charities at the beautiful RIBA building in central London got a great turnout.  Given that it was a rare, unseasonably warm March evening a good turnout was proof to me that such a gathering has long been needed. CharityComms theme for the night was […]